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Updated: May 24

Dear Music Centre families

I hope you’ve all had a good summer break despite the generally poor weather we’ve had during August. We’re looking forward to starting our various music centre activities soon, and I’ve already had meetings with some of the music team to plan for these.

I’ve always found it a little difficult after the long holidays to motivate myself, so if your child is feeling the same way, they’re not alone! However, within half an hour of a new term starting, we're soon engaged once again with our music-making, and back with all our many friends in centre.

The music team’s overriding aim is to try to make sure the children and young people can enjoy their music-making and develop their skills. It’s here where they can make music with their friends, have social time in a safe environment, and experience the happiness of performing to others.

We value the encouragement you give to your child in all of this. We would also welcome any parent (or grandparent) who would be willing to help in any way, either each week or when we have performances.

At the end of this term, we’ll be having our 50th Christmas Cracker Concertsdefinitely a cause for celebration! Is there anything you can do to help?

At the end of last term, I met with all our music team (conductors, helpers, etc) to reflect on the past year and to thank them for their hard work. I also drew their attention to a piece which the Family Brass Band had recently played: SHINE! I suggested that this should be SDMC’s motto for this new term. Each of us, whether a beginner in the Club Band, a singer in the Youth Choir, an experienced player in the Concert Band, a helper responsible for taking the registers, a conductor, or even the Head of Centre: We can all try to work a little harder, to give of our best, so that overall, SDMC really does SHINE!

Please contact either Helen or me directly if you have any suggestions for further improvement.

As always, warmest wishes,


Philip King MBE

Head of South Derbyshire Music Centre


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